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cancellation policy

due to a number of very late cancellations, no-shows and tables turning up with less people than they booked for (unannounced), we have decided to bring in a cancellation policy. we hope everyone understands the impact late cancellations, no-shows and reductions have on small businesses - it's no fun for our staff and has led to wastage and costs that we then need to absorb. it's not our preferred position and most of our lovely customers do the right thing (and thank you all very much!) - if you need to change your booking in any way, just give us a call and we're happy to help you out.

to confirm your table, we take a credit card pre-authorisation at the time of booking. no funds are debited from your card when making the booking, however, if you cancel or reduce your table within 24 hours of your booking or don’t show up, a $55 cancellation fee per person will be taken. if you do need to cancel outside of 24 hours, there is no charge - please just let us know on 0424 894 763, or you can use the link in your confirmation email.

your table will be held for a 10 minute grace period after your booking time. please let us know if you will be late.

our early sittings (6 and 6:30pm) run for 1 hour and 45 minutes, so timely arrivals are really appreciated. if you'd like to stay longer, please book from 8pm onwards. if there is no one booked at the table after your early sitting, you are very welcome to stay!

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