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as at 11 january 2022, we have moved from a fixed price menu to a la carte. our menu changes regularly but the following should give you an idea of the kinds of things we do. the menu might look very different on the night we see you! 




we like small plates and cheerful wine. our menu changes depending on what our suppliers bring us and what we feel like mucking around with at the time. this means you can eat here regularly and try something different each visit. we want our customers to feel like locals and to come back again and again. we're focussed on beautiful vegetables, foraged ingredients and a ​nose to tail approach. come in and check out the blackboard.

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duck liver pâté

galette, cured yolk, aonori

shishito peppers, saffron


crab, ajo blanco, lovage, leek

kingfish ceviche, passionfruit, huacatay

sardines, biquino peppers, macadamia



tomatoes, tarama, roe


broccolini, smoked oyster, tostada

woodfired cos, anchoïade, chervil


squid, celeriac, fermented chilli

alfonsino, provençal broth, fennel, saffron

1/2 chook, smoked mash, tarragon butter

flat iron, toum, black barley



corn silk ice cream mitarashi, sorghum

blood plum sorbet, chocolate ganache, buckwheat


the wine at onzieme falls loosely under the 'natural wine' umbrella. we like minimal intervention, hand picked grapes, native yeast fermentation. we love that these wines are an expression of time and place, imperfections and all.

like our food, our wine list is subject to frequent change; we like to pick up interesting odds and ends from our suppliers and we move through wine at a fast pace - sometimes, we might only have single bottles of some wines.



white. pink.

ravensworth pinot gris

jutta ambrositsch kosmopolit

le coste ripazzo

la violetta fav vermentino

philippe grisard premices jacquere


mada pétillant naturel

turon blanc de noirs

lamarndier bernier latitude


domaine joubert beaujolais

jilly wine co bolivia

mallaluka cabernet franc

la morella la corte dei merli freisa

domaine des ronces trosseau

architects of wine nero d'avola

jean yves peron mondeuse


hawkes session ale

hawkes pale ale

bridge road outside lager

bridge road watermelon sour

wildflower gold wild ale

3 fonteinen golden

heaps normal XPA